This blog is a journal of musings about living a Spiritually centered life. I have an

atypically organized brain, so some may find my way of expressing things a bit

eccentric, annoying, serendipitous, boring, or even incomprehensible,

but I will be as unmasked, naked, and honest about what I am experiencing as possible.

This project has two-fold intent. To share with other Spiritual voyagers, and to elicit their shares in TRUTH-SPEAK mode. I hunger for dialogue. It breaks the loneliness.

Spar Harmon, Voyager


5 thoughts on “About

    • Pam, click on Home for my main post page, About is sort of a Mission statement, and Living Life is a new post page. It looks like you came in on the About page. My site is a clumsy first try and has been accomplished mainly by groping around in the dark for the building tools, then just doing what I could with what I found….call it organic growth…I know, I know, VERY messy…

  1. Is this the Spar Harmon who once shared his energy with a place called Stonehenge in Albuquerque, NM? If so, I have often wondered about you and am delighted to read your work. If not, I still have the benefit of your thoughts and thank you.

    • Marian, I thought I had replied to you and was wondering why no reply back. Now I find no record of my reply to you. *sigh*
      So, again.
      I lived in NM between 1967 and 1982. I was a founding member of the Warm Springs “family” [a hot spring resort, 60 miles west on Hwy 44 from Bernallillo] until it was destroyed in 1972. After that, I lived mainly in and around AlbyQuirky. Because Warm Springs became nationally known in the great wandering community as a friendly rest stop, I was often invited to visit the many intentional communities in the region… I was a well-known strand in the network, I guess. So it is possible, I might have spent time at someplace called Stonehenge during the 70’s.
      In my previous, lost, writing I asked for a time frame and why you remember me.
      My name is unusual so it IS likely we have met.
      Please reply, else my poor old brain may self destruct.

  2. I am so glad to receive your reply and the reason for it’s delay. Had no idea you remained in the “AlbyQuirky” area for so many years.

    We were together (with others named Blue, Joy, Jim, Tim, et. al) in opening the first Runaway House in ABQ. I was also present at Noah’s birth and visited with you at Osha. Saw Blue in the hospital when she was donating to her sister and lost track of everyone after that.

    My legal residence remains in NM, where I have a small house in the North Valley — not the one in which you & Blue visited with me and my 8 year old daughter. My companions have been varied and my path has taken me through the north and south west. At present, I am in Michigan, near my daughter, who is now past 50!

    Was interested to see that a feline friend shared your picture. You are both fortunate — as am I, to have heard from/about you again. Thanks for re-posting your reply. You can give your “poor old brain” a break.

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