Rising up from this ground

From feet to head

From head to heart,

As open as Now I can be,

I feel for Thy Presence –


To attempt to  frame The Holy

With thoughts and names

Is to attempt to limit

The Limitless,

Instead, I attempt to be still


Expectant emptiness

Awaiting fill-ment –


The Windy Spirit, a-roaring,

Sweeps into my maze of halls,

Banks a turn,

Slips around all the reflexive barriers

Of my frightened will,

Confounds all my reasons,

And sends me tumbling down

Headfirst against the

Great Rotund Bell

Of my inmost sanctuary,

Where Now, All set a-ringing,

Holy Spirit Now Here-In In-Dwells.

Vibrant Silence

Radiant Light


…in slow dance, all elements of my being

toe to new patterns, tap out new rhythms

all haunting, familiar –

but clearly there is a new


Most gentle and Mighty

O’er-Arching Father, All-Holy Spirit


In-dwelling Love




Now where gone all my fearing?

This hollow reed awaits Your Hallowed Breath–

Breathe through me as You Will —


–reworked 2/6/18














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